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Owen Barron


Owen Barron came 34th overall, 2nd in age group.

5km Run-19:05

T1 -16s

16km Mountain Bike-58:31

T2 -38s

3.4km Run-13:22


Held in Ibiza this year in Santa Eurlaria, it was 27 degree heat but a lovely setting with the start and finish and transition in the town square, great for crowds with both runs being along the sea promenade and the Irish are quite vocal in their suppor.

The race consisted of a 10k run, 40k non-drafting bike and a 5k run.

There were 19 in my race 3 Spaniards, one Frenchman, one Dutch, 12 GB athletes and myself as a sole Irish representstive.

I started the bike in 5th place lost 5 places on the bike and regained 4 places in the final run. I completed the event in 2:02 minutes - 1 :30 seconds off of a bronze medal - on the smooth Spanish roads i managed an average speed of 39km per hour - amazing what you can do when you are competing!

Finished 6th overall one better than the 7th place I had last year and very happy with my run times in the heat.

A Spaniard won (not withstanding drug testing as he had done another race the day before - remarkable recovery as they say) the Frenchman was second the 3 GB athletes and then myself.

by Owen Barron.

Town Square Ibiza Duathlon
Owen Barron


Owen Barron once again competing this weekend, this time at the Clumber Park Duathlon - English National Championships, he came 5th in his age group which is an awesome achievement!


Last weekend Andrew Bonnett who is a member of the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC) the league is open to all cyclists over the age of 40. Raced in the Cat D (55-60) National Track Championships at Derby Arena.

This is the first time Derby has hosted the LVRC Nationals. It was also Andrew's first Championship.

Saturday was a 40 Lap 10km Points Race. Which included sprints every 10 Laps to gain points. He took points in every sprint plus he gained lap with five other riders to get Bronze.

Sunday was a 10km Scratch race. Put simply whoever is first to the line wins. Six riders broke away from field and lapped the remaining riders. Holding a very good position with two and a half laps to go and a strong finish meant Andy was able to clinch Silver.

This is what Andy had to say at the end of a very competitive weekend; "I am very pleased with the results as it was my first championship. The winner of both races was a former professional and holder of many National age group titles." 

Well done Andy!

Andrew Bonnett
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